Popular Types of Coffee Makers

The initial impression is that all coffee makers serve the same purpose: to produce a hot and aromatic cup of coffee anytime of the day. But the truth is that there are different types of coffee makers and each has a unique brewing method which produces distinct coffee taste. Here’s some of the popular types of coffee makers:

1. Coffee Percolator or Drip Coffeepot – This brewer makes coffee by drip method, a process where hot water passes through the coffee grounds once and then into a second container producing a thick, bitter-tasting coffee. The term “percolation” is often disassociated with the pumping percolator, another brewing device which allows water to rise through a tube inserted in the handle and spray down over the coffee grounds. Coffee percolator or drip coffeepot was invented in 1800 by Jean Baptiste de Belloy. It has three parts: a cylindrical pot for hot water, a container for coffee grounds, and a cylindrical pot for the finished brew. Coffee percolator is often made of aluminum which some people don’t like as it interacts with the acid in the coffee.

2. Pumping Percolator – The popularity of this brewer can be attributed to the aroma of the coffee during brewing. With every gurgle of pumping percolator more aroma and coffee oil vaporizes, escaping into the air prior to coffee drinking. It was invented by Jacques-Augustin Gandais. Pumping percolator produces a slightly bitter-tasting coffee.

To prepare a good cup of coffee with this machine, you need to measure fresh cold water leveled below the basket. Then, pour the right amount of the fine grind coffee into the basket, put the basket in place, and cover with basket lid. After you cover the percolator with its top lid, you need to heat the water until it begins to bubble. When it’s not hot enough, you can already percolate gently for 5-6 minutes.

3. Vacuum Coffee Maker – At first glance, this sci-fi-looking device is complicated to use with an impression of brewing the alchemist’s way. The first vacuum coffee maker was developed by a Scottish marine engineer, Robert Napier. It was later modified after World War I. Vacuum coffee maker is known for its clear resulting brew. The production of coffee using vacuum method is quite dramatic complete with sound effects. Using a vacuum coffee maker is time-consuming and the apparatus is difficult to clean up. Restaurants in Thailand use this type of coffee maker.

4. Electric Drip Machines – Commonly used as home brewing device, producing coffee with electric drip machines are quick. The usual brewing time takes only 4-6 minutes. However, coffee tends to change its quality after being heated for more than 10 minutes in the burner. To avoid this, you need to transfer the brew immediately in an insulated pitcher.

5. Espresso Machines – Designed by the Italians to modify the French filtration pots, espresso coffee makers use steam pressure to brew coffee. The term “espresso” is derived from the Italian verb “to put under pressure.” You need to use a standard espresso roast, Italian or French with this machine as it increases the acidy taste of the coffee.