Coffee Makers: Their Types And Factors In Selecting

Coffee makers come in different types. Each machine has its own method of preparation and has unique traits that produce coffee in different tastes to suit various kinds of lifestyle. If you love coffee, you might want to know the different types of coffee machines available for preparing coffee.

The manual drip – is the type that uses paper filter cone which is just like that automatic drip uses. Water is boiled separately in this kind of drip. The coffee is poured with a small amount of water to allow it to release its flavor by opening up.

The automatic drip – is the brewer that has lesser work than the manual drip. There is no heating of water separately, instead there is a reservoir to heat the liquid and then it pulses through to the ground coffee beans that are waiting in a filter. There are models that allow water pulsing to be slower so a rich brew can be produced.

The coffee filters – which have paper filters to strain the grounds of beans out of brew. These are efficient when it comes to retaining the strong flavor and producing good tasting cups of coffee. There are different filters available but no matter which one you are using, expect some tiny particles of the ground beans surfacing up on your coffee.

The plunger pots – or more commonly known as the French press. This kind of coffeemaker is becoming the most picked one because of some advantages it has over the others. The design of the plunger pots allow coffee and water to be in maximum contact thereby producing richer coffee flavors. French press coffee makers are preferred especially in offices and more so at formal coffee tasting.

The percolator – is probably the type that everyone is most familiar of. This type is most ideal if you are a fan of mild coffee. To produce the rich aroma cup of coffee, the coffee grounds are being filtered repeatedly with boiling water. There is one disadvantage however with percolator – when prolonged over boiling is allowed, it can result to a bitter coffee.

If you are just obtaining your first coffee maker, you are probably in confusion as to which type would suit your needs and lifestyle. In that essence, you need to know the factors that will help you in picking the right one. The first one is whether you want a small or large sized brewer. If a number of people is going to use it, the large sized is recommended.

Another factor is the technology used. As there are many kinds of coffee makers in different brands, you might want to check on the features that would answer to your needs or match the kind of lifestyle you have.

You also need to consider the warranty policy offered, unless you are willing to buy a replacement immediately after a problem arises with the machine you bought. But the thing is a machine is a machine. Meaning, it can malfunction or its carafe might leak anytime. Defective machines are possible even if they are new. So check out how long the warranty lasts.

Of course, the budget is a perfect factor to be considered. Coffee makers come in different prices ranging from 20 to 400 + dollars. Reading reviews about each of the brands will give you the idea on what is best-priced and what is not.