Coffee Is A Most Valuable Commodity

It is believed that after oil it is coffee that is the most valuable commodity in the world. From the time that it was originally discovered in Ethiopia in the fifteenth century till the present coffee has provided the human race with much to enjoy and savor and today more than an estimated one hundred and twenty-five million people make a living out of this beverage. According to the World Bank there are more than an estimated five hundred million people that are involved in the coffee business and there no doubts the fact that this beverage has become big business which can be seen from the fact that so many coffeehouses are opening up throughout the world.

Different Types Of Coffee

There is of course more than one type of coffee that you can choose to drink including a variety of roasts and cappuccino and latte and of course the hot-selling instant coffee. It is a good idea to understand how to pick the one that suits you the best.

In the case of instant coffee you can expect a stronger flavor and the beverage will be more intense and is made from low grade coffee bean called Robusta. Because this beverage requires intensive processing much of the aroma of the beverage as well as its flavor is lost.

Another topic that is hotly discussed is deciding whether the blends are better than single origin coffees. For example, Alpha beans are known for the complexities of their characteristics and are best brewed by themselves while an inferior bean will provide better flavor only if it is blended. Furthermore, blended coffee tastes best when it is brewed in an espresso machine while single origins give best results when brewed slowly and with the help of filters.

The strength of your beverage will depend on the amount of coffee used in the making of the drink and typically mixing a teaspoon with a pint of water will provide a weak drink while 8 ounces helps to make the drink stronger. For more bitterness you can add dark roasts to the drink which will also provide a more burnt kind of flavor but the strength of the beverage will often remain unchanged.

With the help of ground coffee it is possible to brew a beverage that provides the truest flavor and so helps to add to the enjoyment of the beverage. The only downside to it is that in case the beans are not ground properly the beverage might end up providing a burnt taste.