About The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Company

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company that is sometimes also referred to as The Coffee Bean is a company based in Los Angeles, California. The International Coffee & Tea, LLC owns and operates the coffee chain called The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Company and in fact, the first Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store opened in Los Angeles in the year 1963 and the company’s founder were Mona Hyman and Herbert Hyman. Now, the company can boast of having been in operation for more than forty-five years and it has outlets beyond Los Angeles with the addition of various outlets in Phoenix, San Francisco and Las Vegas as too Honolulu and in the rest of Southern California. In fact, there are even Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchises in Southeast Asia and in Hawaii as well.

Wi-Fi Access With Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

Most Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets offer Wi-Fi access and of course the company has also gone international and has presence in countries such as Qatar, China, Israel, Singapore and Korea as well as in many other countries. Closer at home you can enjoy excellent coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf kiosks that are present in many Ralphs’ supermarkets that dot the Southern California landscape.

Another feature about the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is that almost all of their products are certified as being kosher and some of their stores go a step further and meet standards related to cholov yisroel in many of their dairy products. This is perhaps why the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has scored over Starbucks – at least in Israel. There are several notable campaigns that have been launched by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company including its Support From Home campaign.

This Support from Home campaign invites buyers to buy a bag of coffee or a tin of tea which is then to be donated to American troops that are based overseas. Another feature offered by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company in regard to this Support from Home campaign is the introduction of their special black label packaged coffee that allows consumers to add a personal message to send to the soldiers based overseas that would be receiving these bags of coffee.

Those coffee drinkers that are very selective about their coffee will generally choose to drink whole bean coffee. The reason for this preference is that such coffees are able to retain their freshness for longer periods of time and if you brew the coffee in the correct way the taste and flavor will be hard to beat.